Product Marketing Manager – Minecraft & Badlion

At EFG (ESL FACEIT GROUP) we create worlds beyond gameplay, where players and fans become a community. We pride ourselves in having a corporate social responsibility which is that “IT’S NOT GG UNTIL IT’S GG FOR ALL”. Our passion, craft, and DNA are aligned to create and shape the world of esports, gaming tournaments, leagues, events, and holistic ecosystems through our millions of players, fans, and heroes, as well as through our people, and culture. This is one of many reasons why EFG is a magical workplace, where anything is possible, and where you will thrive and experience a game-changing career.

Your team

You will join our Minecraft team at Badlion client, representing the user’s voice in all of our product conversations and focusing on defining the best marketing strategy to develop, distribute and iterate on our products. Product Marketing is a standalone function in FACEIT, operating independently from product and marketing, and reporting directly to the ESL FACEIT Group leadership.

With more than 25m users playing 30m matches every month FACEIT is the leading competitive gaming platform. We provide gamers the best experience possible by ensuring we are always on top of our tech – and continue to deliver industry-leading features to our already awesome platform!

By working across the whole product life cycle, you will be the supporting figure within the product team, defining product requirements for the best product-market fit and audience, and leading on all the marketing activities and strategies.

What you’ll be doing:

  • You will join our Badlion business unit and work closely in a start-up roundtable environment with the product manager, design manager, engineering manager, and the VP of product.
  • You will be directly responsible for creating awareness and adoption of our Badlion product, by delivering the right product experience, positioning, and narrative through the right channels, at the right time. Your ultimate goal will be to craft winning market strategies and compelling stories for our Minecraft audience.
  • You will perform market research regularly to craft and continually evolve our product positioning, value proposition, and messaging.
  • You will work closely with our product team to define our product’s unique features and things our competitors lack. It will be your job to ensure everyone is fully aligned with the target customer’s needs and pain points throughout the product life cycle.
  • Launch new products and features with a bang, driving sustained adoption and engagement over time, collaborating with your cross-functional team and the broader company to achieve your objectives, and ensuring Badlion’s positioning and messaging is consistent across all customer touchpoints.


You should apply if:

  • You have great experience in developing positioning strategies and writing copies for marketing collaterals of different shapes and sizes.
  • You are able to work independently and take leadership over launching large cross-functional projects to deliver big business results. You have to get s&$t done mentality, extreme ownership over all tasks within your project and strong emotional intelligence to be flexible with a range of issues that require strong leadership to be solved.
  • You are a product person – You have experience managing cohesive product and marketing campaigns, where you present and shape new solutions and ideas to users and the product team; you are naturally passionate about listening to current pain points of users and curious to develop and create solution strategies.
  • You are curious and creative – You are a natural storyteller with exceptional verbal and written communication skills to craft the right messages and engage with different audiences in the best possible way.
  • You are data-driven – You understand the importance of quantitative insights and data tracking in order to choose and execute your product marketing strategies. You are able to define the correct targets and pain points on metrics that matter. You will also use the best tools to track and report quantitative insights around marketing activities.
  • You are a team player – You can work closely with all teams (product, comms, growth, design, etc.) and recognize the importance of sharing information consistently and professionally to maximize the quality of any outcome.


  • You are familiar with how the Minecraft market works. While not necessarily we expect you to be a complete expert, it’s desirable that you are familiar with the needs and motivations of the players or to be a current/ex-player yourself.